Good Neighbor Teams (GNTs)

Safe Haven Good Neighbor Teams (GNTs) come alongside a newly arrived refugee family or a small group of asylees who have been relocated to University Place.  GNT members befriend the family or asylees, and help them navigate American culture and various institutional processes, as they become self-sufficient.

Responsibilities include:

  • Helping the refugee family/asylees learn how to navigate the public transportation system.
  • Taking family members/asylees to various medical and public assistance appointments during their first 3 months in the United States.
  • Teaching the refugee family/asylees how to do everyday tasks, such as buy groceries, get mail, and set up a bank account.
  • Engaging the refugee family/asylees in social activities with you and your friends and family.

Other volunteers are available to work alongside and support the Good Neighbor Team, as needed.

Training and resources are provided to all GNT members before they engage with a new refugee family or group of asylees.

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