Women’s Friendship & Learning Group

In many countries, the bond of friendship between women is at the core of their culture. Once they relocate to America, however, adult immigrant women frequently become isolated and lack the company of friends.

We are looking for fluent English speaking women who would like to become a partner and friend with a recent immigrant woman wanting to practice English and build new friendships. Become a regular partner or a substitute when a regular partner isn’t available.

You will be partnered with an immigrant woman, supporting her as she learns English in a nurturing and safe environment. All lessons and materials are prepared in advance and led by someone with ESL experience.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Help your partner and reinforce the basic lessons. Hopefully, you will develop a friendship with this woman that will blossom into a treasured gift for both of you.
  • Pick up your partner and take her home ~ all live in UP or nearby Lakewood and Tacoma.

*The group runs September – November and  January – May.  Volunteers and students are welcome to join at any time.  

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